Stories from the House of Selene

About the Series: The House of Selene is an open secret in the "underground" of New York City. Under the watchful eye of the vampire Mistress Selene, this exclusive club caters to those of the kinky BDSM variety, but also those of the paranormal variety as well. This series is very 18+ erotic paranormal romances.

Book One

Boundless Cover Nikoleta Zabat. Successful dance studio owner. BDSM domme.


When her lover, Cameron Dreyer--wholly human, submissive, and unaware of the preternatural world--left her life four years ago, she never expected to see him again. And she certainly never expected to see him at the House of Selene, but she did.

Cameron Dreyer. Now a vampire, and susceptible to Leta's necromancer powers in the most delicious D/s combination ever.

But this is not the simple, joyful, sexual reunion it seems to be. They both have secrets now. Secrets that are not going to be kind to themselves or each other when they are forced to come to light.

Warning: Lots of very adult content.

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